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Activities and projects

City bee keeping

Bee keeping in the cities crutial for plants, birds and city bio life.

Honey bees as the key figure in life cycles in nature is also very functional in cities. Each healthy bee hive may provide sustenance to other insects and birds just regular life cycles of bees. In every healthy bee hive, each and every day during summer-brood season  about 1500 new honey bees are born and about the same amount die (95% in the field) becoming a food source for many organisms. If honey bee and pollination vectors are removed, very soon most of the bird specieses in the cities will disappear. 

Training and assisting other (new) beekeepers

To improve biodiversity in the cities and elsewhere, we aim to teach beekeeping and protection of bees to other people.

We have two group:

1- New bee keepers in general

2- Parent-child bee keeping team: This way we guide new generations to understand importance of bees, guide them how to handle with care and become a bee keeper if possible. All these shall happen in a safe manner.

Rotterdam school  tabloid for youngsters had in 2020 spared a page for this work. At page 8 you will see how do we do. a

This project is a voluntary activity. Executives of Stichting Immunobee do not receive any payment. Guiding a new bee keeper is free. He/she may buy his/her equipment from available parties.

When season or current situation are suitable Stichting Immunobee may also give at management’s discretion, one of the swarms collected or an artificial swarm of current hives to new bee keeper at the end of training periode.

Development of new methods and products

Stichting Immunobe is aiming to promote using natural methods and ingredients in beekeeping instead of chemicals.

In past, our team members gave seminars, work shops, etc over natural methods, or natural products used in bee keeping. A good example of use of thyme oil against Varroa, how to produce and use thyme or oregano oil. 

Board members do not receive any payment for these seminars and work shops. Its format is free to attend work shop.

Protection of nature and biodiversity

Protection, improving, enhancing the quality of natural life in cities and/or in rural areas, farmland in the Netherlands, Stichting Immunobee maintains multiple bee hive locations including but not limited to Gem Moerdijk, Gem Hoeksewaard (2 locations), Vlaardingen, Schiedam, Rotterdam (multiple locations).

We also support working with local bee lines. One of them is indigenous to western Europe, black bees (Zwarte bijen). Thanks to another bee friendly organization we received 2 queens and gave them a house in Rotterdam. By having and maintaining black bees in our hives we will make sure that this bee does not disappear in genome of western Europe. A very meaningful activity and plan!

Innovative solutions

Stichting Immunobee aims to bring innovative solutions into bee keeping. Very recently we applied to an EU grand call AGRIP-2021. At this moment call proposals are being evaluated. Our project will bring innovation into bee keeping and also organic (biologic) food production along with touching consumer lives. We hope to get this grand which will benefit Dutch bee keeping sector as well. This project will be reflecting innovative side of Dutch way of bee keeping.

BeeKeeping Quality & Safety Management System

Our secretary N. Yigit is working on a Quality and Safety Management System for Beekeeping. This system BeeKeepeing  Quality and Safety Management System (BQSMS). Mr Yigit will let Stichting Immunobee use this professional system. Partners, supporters of Immunobee may be able to use this system at a reduced and discounted rate.  May you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hive/colony adoption.

Yes you can adopt one of our colonies. You can even give a suitable palce to one or more of colonies in your private or corporate property.  Than we will arrange a full set of bee hive with colony. We will tage that particular hive in your/your company name. We will continue to maintain and when there is harvest, we will have you taste honey of your adopted bee colony.

If you wanted to support us by adopting one of the colonies or even jooin us during controls of your colony just contact us.

Our locations

Where do we put our bee hives?

1-Beukenhof Cemetery in Schiedam

Here we have a number of hives.

Buizerd and bees

2- s’Gravendeel

We have bee hives nearby s’-Gravendeel. We have planted about 2500 m2 lavender plants. Within a few years it will be a very nice location.

3- Zevenbergsschen hoek

In Zevenbergsen hoek we have 2 locations and each one will have about 10 hives. This will support farmers, flora and fauna in the area. We had planted fruit trees. In a few eyars our bees will be very happy.

Fruit orchard and bees

4- Rotterdam 

We have multiple locations in Rotterdam. in Zuiderpark area we have 5 hives. It is a quick hotel for collected swarms in Rotterdam until we find a better location.


5- Maassluis

In Maassluis cemetery we have a few hives.


Innovation in beekeeping

Better nature, better biodiversity

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Our story

It had been very long time for us working with bees. We learned bee keeping from our grand fathers.  Year 2014 was our return to bee keeping. In 2015 and 2016 we communicated with other parties, get more information, and finally enrolled to a course almost 1 year.  Since 2016 we are registered bee keepers.  Starting from 2016, we became very active in safely, as animal friendly collection of natural honey bee swarms. Collection of swarm, providing a nice hive box, and arranging a location to colonies were just a few of the activities. We collected swarm from Feijnoord stadium fences to living room of a house, from door of a car to very high spot on a tree many different locations.  Locations were also varying from Hoeksewaard to Vlaardingen, from Spijkenisse to many locations in Rotterdam. Many people helped us, guided or assisted us. In 2020 we decided to share our love of nature with other people and ask their help officially under the roof of a not for profit organization, a “stichting” (in Dutch). Due to Covid-19 our registration and foundation took longer. At this moment we are happly busy with multiple small bee yards, scattered troughout Zuid Holland and Noord Brabant provinces.

Registered information

Official name:

Chamber of Commerce (KvK) 78351073 (23-06-2020)

RSIN/fiscal number: 861360898

Activities in commerce registration: SBI code: 94996.

Fiscal status:  ANBI instelling-Not for Profit organization.

Validity: Unlimited/onbepaalde tijd

Datum beschikking: 26 July 2021.

Status is valid per 01 June 2021. 

Goals as stated in statute

Our goals are very nicely defined in our statute. Original Dutch version of Stichting Immunobee statute 


Our Team

Founding team:

T. Özekici,  from Rotterdam

President of Immunobee

Tuncay is over 25 years small business owner, renowned cook and master chef pastry.  He is a registered bee keeper in the Netherlands, member NVB (national) and local bee keepers associations. Loves nature, natural preservations and related activities. He is married, has 2 children and 2 grandchilderen. Tuncay has no profit relations with Immunobee, meaning that he does not receive payment from voluntary activities.

N. Yigit, from Rotterdam


Nizam is a biologist with 2 master degrees and a PhD study. As former teacher/acedemician he is very much involved in nature and science behind it. He is a trained bee keeper, member of NBV and also local bee keepeing groups.

Nizam is busy with his small consultancy business, after operation of business services company with his wife over 15 years.  He is married, has 3 daughters. Nizam has no income relations with Immunobee meaning that he does not receive any payment from voluntary activities. 

Ö. T. Özekici, from Maassluis.


Ömer is long time small business owner, pastery master and a handy man for our volunteer activities. He is a trained bee keeper member of both NBV and local organizations.

Ömer is our book keeper and he will watch over banking activities. He does not receive any salary from Immunobee.

Besides our founding teams, Stichting Immunobee has a network of volunteers. They suport nature causes and therefore are giving a helping hand to Immunobee.

Very soon you will see more photo and videos showing scenes from our activities.

What people said over Immunobee

Open Beekeepers day Rotterdam Zuiderpark Stichting Immunobee will be organizing an open beekeepers day on 11 July 2021. Start time: 11:00 a.m End time: 3:30 p.m. It is a free to enter event. There will be coffe and tea, information rounds over bees, bee keeping and bee products. The Rotterdam Zuiderparkweg via ggogle map:
Open Beekeepers day Beukenhof Cemetery in Schiedam On 11 July 2021 from 11:00 a.m to 15:30 Stichting Immunobee will be organizing an event for people who would like to get more information, tasete some of the products etc. It is an entry free event. Google map link:
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